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Fun, Historical Tomahawk Throwing Jacksonville FL

Flying Hawks Axe Throwing II of Jacksonville FL provides exciting and entertaining tomahawk throwing competitions and demonstrations all over the Southeastern United States. Our tomahawk instructors and experts perform at Scottish Highland games, Celtic festivals, Renaissance fairs and other events. In addition to providing fun entertainment for the whole family, Flying Hawks Axe Throwing II also sells superior-quality tomahawks and accessories.

The Ancient Tradition of Tomahawk Throwing

Tomahawks got their start in ancient times as battle axes. The name comes from the Algonquin tribe of Native Americans in Virginia. After seeing the Algonquin use tomahawks in battle, traders and frontiersmen began to use them for close combat. Aside from battle and warfare uses (including during the Vietnam War), tomahawks have long been used as tools and for sport, including tomahawk throwing. The sport of tomahawk throwing dates back to ancient Celtic times. It was a popular sport for Native Americans and frontiersmen alike. Axe throwing contests are still held today. Flying Hawks Axe Throwing II provides more detail about the history of tomahawk and axe throwing.

Tomahawks for Sale

Enjoy hours of outdoor fun with tomahawks for sale from Flying Hawks Axe Throwing II of Jacksonville FL. All tomahawks are protected by a UV weather protection coating and come with safety covers, handcrafted by owner Sylvia Williams, for maximum safety when you are carrying your tomahawks. In addition to full tomahawks for sale, we also offer spare hickory handles for your tomahawks.

Book Flying Hawks Axe Throwing II Today

Call Flying Hawks Axe Throwing II today in Jacksonville FL at 904-831-2105. We often are away, performing and teaching at events around the Southeast. We will return your call as soon as possible. You also can email us or fill out our contact form.

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